Entrepreneurship & Mentorship Program


I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING Entrepreneurship & Mentorship Program work with middle school and can last through college or beyond. In addition, we have partnered with community members to educate and mentor our students in a specific area of business of their choice. 

We have three stages of entrepreneurship that we will be teaching our youth.

1. Define the business idea the youth or young adult would like to pursue.

2. The next stage is the start-up stage, which includes the project's final evaluation and efforts to access and organize resources needed to start the business. (Research)  (Business Plan)

3.   The early development stage is characterized by market entry and efforts to address the operational problems faced by the new business.

Youth Entrepreneurship 

How is entrepreneurship relevant to the issue of youth employment? There are 223 million unemployed or underemployed youth between the ages of 15-24 in developing and emerging economies.

As a result, fostering entrepreneurship has become a vital pillar of the policy agenda in developing and emerging countries to expand employment opportunities for youth.



What's mentoring got to do with mental health?

At its core, mentoring is about helping another person. A mentor advises, supports, and guides another in the right direction.

Mentoring has many benefits, which is why this relationship is established in schools, universities, and organizations worldwide. In addition, many celebrities have cited their mentors as having played a massive role in their success. As a result, finding a mentor is on many people's career development lists.

But less often discussed is the positive impact that the relationship has on mental health and wellbeing for both the mentee and the mentor.



Promoting Entrepreneurship

In 2019, I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE partnered with Dr. Shameika Dean to host The Next Level Youth Entrepreneur Expo.

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Meet Entrepreneur: Celebrity Photographer:  Ellery Edwards & Brittiany Jenkins

Empowering Others

Ellery Edwards of LASEWOD Photography is a celebrity and event photographer who spends his time educating and empowering our youth "Behind The Lens."


Meet Entrepreneurs:  Dwight Jemison & Latanya Jackson: Dajha's All in One Upholstery

Giving Back To the Community

Dajaha's All in One Upholstery believes in giving back and assisting youth and young adults in our community.  They provide group training with a hands-on approach to upholstery and car repairs.