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Meet Author Sharon Kaye Edwards

With a career spanning over four decades, Sharon is a fervent advocate for emotional well-being, creative expression, and mental health support. Her personal path has been shaped by battles with depression, sparked by the loss of her brother at the tender age of 7, as well as by grappling with an eating disorder and mental health struggles. These adversities propelled her transformation from pain to purpose.

Her journey began at Fisk University, where her academic prowess shone, resulting in an impressive 3.92 GPA and induction into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Fueled by her dedication to learning and personal growth, she continues her pursuit of education. In 2024, Sharon is set to embark on the next chapter of her educational journey.

As the Executive Director of I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE, Sharon's leadership is demonstrated through the orchestration of impactful workshops and community events, fostering spaces for open dialogue and creative exploration. Concurrently, in her roles as CEO of SKE Publishing and L & S Elegant Weddings and Occasion Designers, she excels in diverse realms while prioritizing positive transformation.

Sharon's personal narrative is one of resilience—a testament to her ability to transmute adversity into inspiration that fuels her advocacy for the well-being of youth and their mental health. Her embodiment of values such as education, empathy, and unwavering dedication is epitomized by her profound influence on young lives and her resolute commitment to fashioning a brighter future for generations to come.

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Community Education Involvement

APSU STEM EXPO 2023:  Sharon Kaye Edwards:   Evaluator

The Raise the Bar: STEM Excellence for All Students initiative is designed to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education nationwide. 

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Celebrating Mrs. Edwards' Community Impact and Educational Milestones

Mrs. Sharon Kaye Edwards has achieved remarkable milestones, elevating her influence within the community. Chosen through a competitive application process, she proudly graduated from the prestigious LEADERSHIP CMCSS Class of 2022, recognized as a critical educational figure driving positive change.

In 2022, she was further honored to be selected as the spokesperson for the program's video presentation, showcasing her remarkable ability to articulate its essence and fortify the connection between the community and CMCSS. The Leadership CMCSS program perfectly aligns with Mrs. Edwards' youth empowerment and community unity goals. It introduces leaders to CMCSS through seminars, site visits, and discussions, encompassing growth strategies, teacher roles, and collaborative partnerships. Her active participation underscores her unwavering commitment to education, positioning her as an inspiring role model. Her journey exemplifies her dedication to informed discourse and educational advancement.

Furthermore, Mrs. Edwards proudly serves as a Partner In Education (PIE) with the CMC Education Foundation, underscoring her dedication to fostering collaborative and positive change within education.

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Harwood Public Innovators Program 

Certification Program In June of 2022, Mrs. Sharon Kaye Edwards actively participated and completed the Public Innovators Lab. This immersive 3-day experience delved into our core concepts, equipping participants with the tools to apply these principles in their daily endeavors. The Lab is a foundational step towards becoming a certified public innovator, offering an enriching experience that can be further enhanced through informative webinars and personalized coaching sessions.

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