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I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE  has partnered with the community and several music studios and artists to give our youth access to the art of music.

Brooke Sinang, a licensed music therapist at CHOC at Mission Hospital, works with the interdisciplinary treatment team to provide music therapy programming and services for patients and families. She works primarily with CHOC's Eating Disorders Program but receives referrals for music therapy services in all hospital areas. Brooke explains the benefits of music therapy for kids and teens and how parents can add music to their child's daily routine to promote mental wellness. 

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 BE YOU! TALENT SHOWCASE:  Governor's Square Mall

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Meet Music Artist Norez: 
Music Ambassador

Norez, a local music artist talks about impact of the "I’m Invisible” Anti-Bullying and Suicide Campaign, an initiative in Clarksville focused on the education and prevention against bullying.Erica Brechtelsbauer/USA TODAY NETWORK-TennesseeErica Brechtelsbauer/USA TODAY NETWORK-

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Community Partnership:  ARC Exhibit

Hopkinsville, KY

I AM INVISIBLE Bullying And Suicide has partnered with the ARC Exhibit to empower our youth and young adults through the arts of visual art and music.

The ARC Exhibit is an exclusive Content Development Facility that houses a state-of-the-art music recording studio, photography and content development studio, art gallery, and an ever-changing storefront. The facility is on Main Street in the historic downtown area of the City of Hopkinsville.

ARC powers the independent record label, Hiphoptown, USA. Founder of Hiphoptown, USA, Richie Acevedo, designed the ARC Exhibit to give Artists the space to create, network, market, and profit from their work.

Hiphoptown, USA, designed its label to model two historic record labels, Motown and Sun Records. Hiphoptown, USA adapted the vibe and zeal of Motown and included the music genre-blending experimentation that Sun Records is known for, which created Hiphoptown, USA's unique sound.

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Gateway Music Group LLC

Project Gateway: Meet You Where You Are

June 25, 2022

Gateway Music Group LLC  and partners have launched a pilot program
Meet You Where You Are groundbreaking skills and training program to provide at-risk teens and young adults with a pathway toward actualizing their dreams of working in performing arts and the entertainment industry. Launched as a three-year pilot program, Meet You Where You Are will serve at-risk and gang-involved youth aged ten and older.
The first pilot program will select young people to participate in a 3-month summer mentoring program that combines leadership and team development with extracurricular activities such as art, music, dance, and physical fitness. After completion of the training program, participants will be eligible to access mentors and tools introduced by the program year-round and continue Phase 2 in the following summer

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