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Brooke Sinang, a licensed music therapist at CHOC at Mission Hospital, collaborates with the interdisciplinary team, providing music therapy services. Her focus is primarily CHOC's Eating Disorders Program, with referrals across the hospital. Brooke highlights music therapy benefits for kids, teens, and integrating music into daily routines for mental wellness.

"I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE" partners for a platform aiding youth facing bullying and mental health complexities. Music, known for self-expression and healing, becomes a compelling tool. Collaborating with studios and artists, the organization empowers youth through music, offering solace and strength.

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Meet Music Artist Norez: 
Music Director

Norez, a talented local music artist, articulates the significant influence of the "I’m Invisible” Anti-Bullying and Suicide Campaign—an initiative in Clarksville dedicated to advancing education and prevention efforts against bullying.  Through Norez's perspective, we gain valuable insights into the profound impact this campaign is making within the community. By shedding light on the campaign's objectives and achievements, Norez exemplifies the meaningful change that is being fostered.

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Gateway Music Group LLC

Project Gateway: Meet You Where You Are

June 25, 2022

Gateway Music Group LLC  and partners have launched a pilot program
Meet You Where You Are groundbreaking skills and training program to provide at-risk teens and young adults with a pathway toward actualizing their dreams of working in performing arts and the entertainment industry. Launched as a three-year pilot program, Meet You Where You Are will serve at-risk and gang-involved youth aged ten and older.
The first pilot program will select young people to participate in a 3-month summer mentoring program that combines leadership and team development with extracurricular activities such as art, music, dance, and physical fitness. After completion of the training program, participants will be eligible to access mentors and tools introduced by the program year-round and continue Phase 2 in the following summer

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