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Volunteer Team

Announcing Our New Community Outreach "Bag To Mat" Program" 2023

Working Together As A Community

Teen volunteering is a great way for young people to give back to their communities and help those less fortunate. But it also comes with some unexpected emotional benefits, such as increased self-esteem, improved empathy, and stress relIn addition, volunteering can provide teens with a sense of purpose that can help them stay motivated and focused on the future. It can also help foster positive relationships with people from different backgrounds, giving teens unique opportunities to learn and grow.​

Bag To Mat Program: Welcome

"Bags to Mats Program" 2023 Promotional Video

Our program is designed to unite our Youth and community members to benefit our homeless community.  These mats will be a safe, environmentally friendly way to provide our friends with a durable mat to sleep on in the cold and rainy weather; please view our video for more details below!  Each mat can take 800 plus bags, depending on the mat size we are making.  This will be an ongoing community event; there is no end date!  Our homeless community is growing, and we, as a community, want to make sure we are doing a little to make it easier on our friends! 


Collection Sites for the Plastic Bags:

We will provide the collection boxes and flyers for each site!


Community members and our Youth. 

The Youth will receive a letter on our letterhead with the total hours of community service.

Delivery Associates:

To pick up and deliver bags and collection boxes city and county-wide.  


Needed to cut the plastic bags to make

the plastic yarn balls to crochet the mat! (see the  provided video link above to see the process)


Needed to make a beautiful mat for our homeless friends. 

Please click the video link below to see the Instructional Video giving you the information on making the mat! Also, feel free to contact us below for more information!

Bag To Mat Program: Video

Youth and Community In Action!

Announcing our 1st completed mat for our homeless friends since we started the "BAG TO MAT:  Program!  Special thanks to the Steven A. Family Military Youth Task Force and family members, Team Invisible, and their family members for assisting in cutting the bags and rolling the playarn into balls for the bags to be crocheted.  Special thanks to Miss Renita Garrett, one of the instructors, who has completed our 1st mat!  It truly takes a village!  Click below for more details about our Youth Task Force!

Bag To Mat Program: Text
Bag To Mat Program: Video

Community Organizations Working Together

It takes a village to make this happen listed below are businesses that have agreed to be drop-off sites or partners in this program journey for our "Bag To Mat" Program for our homeless communities!

Bag To Mat Program: Services
Altra CMYK black + red_186.jpg
Tulips in Bag


Ajax Turner 50 + Plus Center 953 Clark Street Clarksville, TN 37040

Allstate  Goines Agency 1604 Madison St, Ste A, Clarksville, TN 37043

Altra Federal Credit Union 1600 Madison St  Clarksville TN  37043

Altra Federal Credit Union 2625 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.  Clarksville, TN 37040 


Bag To Mat Program: About Us
Bag To Mat Program: Pro Gallery
Dollar Bill in Jar

Sponsors Are Needed!

This is a Community Outreach Program. However, we will need your help financially as well to be able to provide the necessary supplies and needed personnel to complete this ongoing outreach for our homeless community!

Our Sponsors and Private Donors will be listed on social media and our website for our community to view; however, this will be done only with your consent! 

All donations are welcome; any amount will help us with this program for our homeless community program! Your donations will be allocated for the listed supplies and any additional merchandise or services needed for the "Bag To Mat" Program 2023.

Sponsor Levels:

Platinum Sponsors: $1000.00-1999.00 and above

Gold Sponsors:  $500.00-999.00 

Silver Sponsors $100.00-499.00

Supplies Needed

Crochet Hooks

Scissors (S) and (L) 

Collection Boxes 

Heavy Trash bags

Rolls of tape

Promotional Flyers

Bag To Mat Program: Welcome
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