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Community Education Involvement

APSU STEM EXPO 2023:  Sharon Kaye Edwards:   Evaluator

The Raise the Bar: STEM Excellence for All Students initiative is designed to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education nationwide. 

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Mrs. Edwards is a graduate of the LEADERSHIP CMCSS Class of 2022.  She was selected to be one of the spoke persons for the video presentation of the program.  (See attached video)

She is also a (PIE) Partner of Education with the CMC EDUCATION  FOUNDATION.

The purpose of the LCMCSS program is to foster a more widespread community understanding of public education through sharing the challenges and successes of CMCSS and ultimately building a more substantial advocacy base of leaders who can impact positive change in education.

“Leadership CMCSS is a tremendous learning opportunity for those who can affect more positive relationships between the community and the district,” said Robin Burton, Executive Director of the CMC Education Foundation.  “Our goal is for participants to be better informed about public education as a whole, so they are empowered to share correct knowledge about our school system’s successes and challenges as they interact with other community members.”

The seven program sessions expose current and aspiring community leaders to various CMCSS departments and instructional areas through seminars, in-school visits, hands-on participation, and group discussions.  Selected applicants will explore the interworking of our district.  Sessions will focus on strategic direction, planning for growth, exploring principal and teacher roles, the impact of state and federal laws in the classroom, community partnerships, and much more.

Community Involvement: Welcome

Community Research Project

I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE; In 2021, assisted the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation in connecting with community members to collect much-needed research data concerning education and Clarksville-MoCo community. Please click the link below for additional information considering this research's data.

Harwood Public Innovators Certification Program

Mrs. Edwards attended and completed June of 2022 a Public Innovators Lab – in a 3-day immersion in our core concepts and how to apply them in your daily work. The Lab gets you started on the path to being a trained public innovator and can be coupled with a series of “learn and apply” webinars and coaching.

Community Involvement: Text
Community Involvement: Pro Gallery
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