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Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Celebrating a Legacy of Impact and Recognition

Throughout its journey, I AM Invisible Bullying And Suicide has garnered notable recognition for its transformative work. 

The organization's steadfast commitment to its mission has earned it prestigious accolades, including the esteemed Covid Champions Award presented by The Greater Clarksville Region United Way, highlighting its unwavering dedication during challenging times.

Renovation Church bestowed the Community Service Award upon the organization, further validating its meaningful contributions to the community and underscoring its commitment to positive change.  A pinnacle of acknowledgment came when I AM Invisible Bullying And Suicide was voted the Best Non-profit by the esteemed Best in Black Gala. This accolade resonates with the impactful imprint it leaves in the lives it touches.

In April 2023, a heartwarming moment unfolded as dedicated team members were honored with Certificates of Appreciation from Councilman Juan Little. This recognition was a testament to their exceptional service during the youth Culinary Class held in the unforgettable summer of 2022.

These certificates symbolized more than just paper; they stood as tangible reminders of the collective dedication of team members in nurturing and empowering the youth. Each certificate, bearing the name of Councilman Juan Little, represented the lasting positive impact on young lives.

As the sun set on this celebratory occasion, an Appreciation Dinner continued the festivities, creating a meaningful space for reflection, camaraderie, and heartfelt gratitude. Individual contributions were illuminated through Team Awards, showcasing the power of teamwork and unwavering dedication that drives I AM Invisible Bullying And Suicide's remarkable journey of change.

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I am very proud of the many organizations working diligently daily to better our community. Today, members of the I'm Invisible Bullying & Suicide non-profit organization sat down with me to not only discuss their bullying and suicide prevention organization but also talk about ways we can implement proven counteractive strategies within our City that effectively combat this epidemic that is increasingly claiming the lives of so many.

Mayor Joe Pitts

Clarksville, TN

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Media Coverage

"I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE" has formed impactful partnerships with Nashville-based non-profits, magnifying its mission to raise awareness and aid those confronting bullying and suicide challenges. Noteworthy collaborations include "PASS THE BEAUTY," led by visionary Cintoria Franklin, and "Nashville Peacemaker," driven by Clemmie Greenlee.  These alliances embody more than affiliations; they symbolize a joint dedication to a shared cause. By pooling their expertise and resources, these organizations cultivate an environment that addresses bullying, suicide, and mental health. Through such synergistic partnerships, hope resonates more widely, extending to a broader audience. The collaborations' impact has been acknowledged through media coverage, spotlighting their collective endeavors. This coverage underscores the fervor propelling these organizations and highlights their initiatives, showcasing the positive community transformation they achieve.

Moreover, the Leaf Chronicle Newspaper in Clarksville, TN, featured an interview with Norez, the Music Director, adding depth to the organization's outreach. Norez's insights shed light on music and art's role in addressing mental health challenges. Such media attention expands "I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE's" influence, fostering crucial conversations and understanding.

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