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Culinary Art

Cooking allows children to make an independent contribution. First, creating a meal for the family is a responsible, meaningful contribution a young person can make. Second, it enables them to express their feelings for their family and experience gratitude and positive feedback in return. Third, it can provide a much-needed break from the kitchen for stressed parents with so much on their plates (pun intended) at this difficult time. Finally, it can bring families together.

The pre-and teenage years can be a notoriously tricky time for parent-child relationships. Cooking can unite the generations to do a non-hierarchical and non-confrontational activity and promote a shared sense of achievement.


Sterling Wright

Sterling Wright, a distinguished private chef and finalist from the illustrious 13th season of the culinary competition "Hell's Kitchen," engages in insightful interviews with aspiring chefs of tomorrow.

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Meet The Culinary Team

Collaborating as a unified force, Chef Sterling Wright, Chef Robin Little, Youth Chef Izzy, Chef Brandon Little, and Chef Brandon Williams seamlessly blend their culinary expertise. Together, they've orchestrated a harmonious learning journey, instilling invaluable principles in our budding chefs. Teamwork, respect, and unwavering support are championed as cornerstones within the culinary realm.

These aspiring culinary artists are immersed in many essential skills throughout the immersive training sessions. From navigating ingredient selection, mastering meticulous cleaning methods, and honing the art of precise meat and vegetable preparation to the finesse of temperature control, the youth chefs grasp the bedrock of culinary excellence. In their nurturing role, the chefs extend encouragement towards crafting delectable and nourishing meals. The fusion of taste and health becomes a testament to their dedication to fostering a well-rounded lifestyle.

Chef Sterling Wright and the accomplished team form a nurturing core for these youthful talents. Their guidance stands pivotal in shaping the chefs of tomorrow. The kitchen becomes a canvas for culinary artistry, where passions are stoked, and practical skills ignited. These culinary maestros kindle the flames of creativity and empower the next generation to chase aspirations with gusto.

As the journey continues, watch these emerging youth chefs blossom under the watchful mentorship of Chef Sterling Wright and his proficient team. Through their collective efforts, a luminous trajectory is etched for the culinary arts. The inspiration they sow ignites a spark within young hearts, fanning the flames of culinary zeal and propelling them toward a future brimming with culinary innovation. Stay tuned for updates; this collaboration is forging not just dishes but dreams.

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"Cooking the Wright Way" Clarksville TN  Summer 2022  in Action!

Please take a moment to read the following composition detailing our enriching culinary class!

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Testimonials from Parents

This week has been phenomenal for the kids. Culinary classes with celebrity Chef Sterling Wright from Hell’s Kitchen along with Chef Brandon. Sharon Kaye Edwards and Robin Little, you all put together an incredible experience these children will hold for life. ❤️👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳 Thank you. And Dwight Jemison and Latanya Jackson, thank you all for today ❤️❤️. Words cannot express ❤️❤️

Sharita Wysinger Brown

A Big thank you, first and foremost to God, for allowing people to come into our lives for the betterment of it. My son Mateo and many children here in Clarksville, TN, had an opportunity to show their skills and learn from celebrity Chef Sterling Wright from Hell's Kitchen. Also, two Chef Brandon's, and Chef Robin Little, a pastor with Diamond Ministries. 

A special thank you to Sharon Kaye Edwards  (Grandma Sharon), for putting this all together and for being a voice and a listening ear, though I'm Invisible.

Rosalee Lugo

My daughter Magnolia🔥🙌🏽 said it was a great hands-on learning experience, and it connected her with other like-minded young people and inspired her to be her best.

Lavon Cooper Bracey

Where to start? What an amazing experience for my children! All the volunteers and people who came together to make this possible we are so grateful the different leadership skills and life lessons, and new opportunities that this class has brought is endless. With not many opportunities for children to do extra curriculum activities and providing them with the food to cook at home for their family was truly a blessing! 

Tarressa Wilcox

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