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Culinary Art

Cooking allows children to make an independent contribution. First, making a meal for the family is a responsible, meaningful contribution a young person can make. Second, it enables them to express their feelings for their family and experience gratitude and positive feedback in return. Third, it can provide a much-needed break from the kitchen for stressed parents with so much on their plates (pun intended) at this difficult time. Finally, it can bring families together. The pre-and teenage years can be a notoriously tricky time for parent-child relationships. Cooking can bring the generations together to do an activity that's non-hierarchical and non-confrontational and can promote a shared sense of achievement.


Culinary Art: Welcome

Chef Sterling Wright Interviews Future Youth Chefs

Meet Chef Sterling Wright from Hell's Kitchen Season 7, Chef Robin Little, Youth Chef Izzy, Chef Brandon Liittle, and Chef Brandon Williams.  The chefs all worked together as a unit to teach our youth to show our young chefs that they work as a team, respect each other and help one another.  In addition, the youth chef learned how to shop, clean, and prepare meat, and vegetables, cook at the right temperature, and how properly to handle cooking utensils.

They learned to prepare healthy lunches for themselves, and at the end of the sessions, each child was sent home with enough food to feed their complete family. Next, the homework assignment was for the young chefs to cook a meal for their families.   Lastly, they had to take a picture each night of their dinner!  Foods ranged from homemade pizza to chicken and salmon.

Culinary Art: Video

"Cooking the Wright Way" Clarksville TN  Summer 2022  in Action!

View the write-up about our cooking class below!

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Testimonials from Parents

Culinary Art: Member Stories

This week has been phenomenal for the kids. Culinary classes with celebrity Chef Sterling Wright from Hell’s Kitchen along with Chef Brandon. Sharon Kaye Edwards and Robin Little, you all put together an incredible experience these children will hold for life. ❤️👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳 Thank you. And Dwight Jemison and Latanya Jackson, thank you all for today ❤️❤️. Words cannot express ❤️❤️

Sharita Wysinger Brown

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Culinary Art: Portfolio
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