Meet our Executive Director
Author:  Sharon Kaye Edwards


Giving Back to the Community

Her Story

At seven years old, Sharon Kaye Edwards's older brother was killed in a vehicle accident. The grief she experienced was overwhelming and caused her to cry constantly. Unfortunately, some kids began teasing and bullying her instead of showing concern or trying to console her. Although the news of his death devastated the entire family, amid family members offering comfort to one another, she was overlooked and left to deal with the tragedy alone because of Sharon's age and the family's inability to see her pain. The onslaught of the name-calling and hurtful words left her feeling "INVISIBLE" and wishing she could disappear completely forever. That experience of feeling INVISIBLE is the driving force that has kept her on a mission to ensure that no other child feels that way. 

Who is She?

Ms. Edwards, originally from Greenville, Mississippi, is an award-winning author, public speaker, playwright, executive producer, anti-bullying activist, and entrepreneur that has been making a notable impact in the lives of youth since 1979, over 40 years and continues to do so to this present day. Sharon has worked as a shift leader and preschool teacher for the Child Development Programs throughout her husband's military career. She has also worked in CMCSS as a bus monitor for those with special needs, as a CMCSS teacher's assistant for virtual high school, and worked with troubled youth at Jackson Academy in Dickson County. 

Bringing Bullying & Suicide Awareness to the Forefront

Along with her husband, Ellery Edwards, a retired veteran of the United States Army and celebrity photographer, she co-founded the nonprofit organization I AM INVISIBLE Bullying and Suicide Campaign in 2016. During that time, Sharon also became the author of three books on Amazon. But, Sharon didn't stop there; she established the SKE PUBLISHING Company, which provides curriculums for bullying and suicide, empowerment classes, book writing classes, plays, afterschool programs, and school assemblies programs in our schools and our communities. 

Man Behind The Lens

While Sharon, known by the youth as Mama Sharon or the Bully Lady, regularly speaks before crowds of youth, Ellery is there behind the lens, capturing every moment to remind all of the impacted lives. 

Community Programs

​Sharon created the Be YOU TALENT SHOWCASE held at the Governor's Square Mall, Custom House, and Austin Peay University.

School Programs

​SKE PUBLISHING and the team I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE partnered to present school assemblies, empowerment classes, afterschool programs, and more free of charge to our local schools for two years! 

The Impact of the School Programs 

One of the schools we provided our free programs with was Kenwood Middle School (CMCSS). Dr. Heaston was the principal at that time. In 2018-2019 school Dr. Heaston and the staff agreed that SKE PUBLISHING anti-bullying/empowerment programs provided student interaction through the art of music and dance. It was also noted how our guest speakers were always relatable or knowledgeable of the present teen issues the students may be experiencing at that time.

Kenwood Middle School Contracts SKE PUBLISHING 

During the school terms of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, SKE PUBLISHING Company was hired and contracted by Kenwood Middle School (CMCSS District) to provide in-person and virtual school anti-bullying/empowerment assemblies programs at Kenwood Middle School. In addition, in 2019-2020, Sharon and her husband were hired to teach our students the virtual afterschool programs that provided photography and book-writing classes.


Media Coverage:  Fox 17 News Nashville TN

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