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Our Executive Director

Mrs. Edwards, originally from Greenville, Mississippi, is an award-winning Author, Anti-Bullying Activist, Entrepreneur, Executive Director, the Executive Director of I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE, and the CEO of SKE PUBLISHING.  (Please click the link below to learn more about SKE PUBLISHING books, school assembly programs, and more).  She also serves as an Executive Producer, Public speaker, and Playwright have been making a notable impact in the lives of youth since 1979, over 40 years, and continue to do so to this day. 

Believing in what she preaches to the youth and youth adults, "THAT IT NEVER TO LATE TO DREAM," in 2020, at 60, Mrs. Edwards pursued a long-time dream to attend college; she enrolled at Fisk University located in Nashville Tn to pursue a BS in Human Development/Leadership.  In April 2021, she was inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.

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At seven, unfortunately, Miss Edwards lost her brother to a tragic car accident.  Because devastation at such a young age caused her to cry and be sad constantly, she cried every day at school.   Mrs. Edwards had to deal with the children laughing at her and making fun of her tears!  None seemed to understand what she was going through, not even her family.  They did not realize her pain level; she began to want to disappear and be "INVISIBLE." 

Later in school, she was bullied due to her curly hair, which again left Mrs. Edwards devasted; however, the bullying caused her to have an eating disorder and other mental issues that lasted well into her adult years.  Eventually, Mrs.  Edwards sought spiritual and natural help and now spreads her experiences through articles in newspapers, magazines, and television to let youth know they are not alone and that help is available.   

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When the Journey Began

In 2012, Mrs. Edwards's heart was touched when she heard of a 12-year-old youth in a neighboring county committing suicide due to bullying. Later that year, in October 2012, she partnered with Crissy Collins from the camp of Tyler Perry and Beyonce to put on a charity Gospel Concert to bring awareness to bullying and suicide. As a result, in 2013, she joined the anti-bullying tour with the Georgia School System.

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The Partnerships In The Community

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Mrs. Edwards 2016 became a QPR trainer with the Tennessee National Suicide Prevention Program, receiving updated certifications and online training. In addition, Mrs. Edwards has taught workshops to schools and community members.  

Additionally, Mrs. Edwards, in 2016, became a member of the Clarksville Montogomery County Juvenile Task Force under the leadership of Dr. Merrill Bullock-Neal; additionally, Sharon began teaching at the Juvenile Justice teaching workshops to teen and adult community members concerning bullying and suicide awareness and empowerment classes. ​

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In 2018 Mrs. Edwards founded a  5013c non-profit organization called I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE, and the team began presenting school assembly programs in the Clarksville Montgomery County School System.  Furthermore, Mrs. Edwards and the team I AM INVISIBLE began holding community programs and events to bring awareness to bullying and suicide in our surrounding counties.  They became noted for their work both through media and television.

In 2022, another avenue to continue sharpening her skills in mental health, Mrs. Edwards works alongside the Outreach Coordinator, Megan Williams, with the clinic's youth task force.  Mrs. Edwards is also affiliated with several accredited Suicide Awareness Organizations online.

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