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Community Outreach: Welcome

Community Outreach

Teen volunteering is a great way for young people to give back to their communities and help those less fortunate. But it also comes with some unexpected emotional benefits, such as increased self-esteem, improved empathy, and stress relIn addition, volunteering can provide teens with a sense of purpose that can help them stay motivated and focused on the future. It can also help foster positive relationships with people from different backgrounds, giving teens a unique opportunity to learn and grow.​

Our youth and adult volunteer team members assisted our communities during the season of onset of Covid 19, providing the necessary masks and supplies to clinics and services to our homeless friends in our communities. Additionally, the youth outreach teams have assisted in giving out food boxes and back-to-school supplies to those in the surrounding communities. Additionally, during the latest tornados, in Nashville, TN, and Mayfield, KY, our teams provided toys, food, water, clothes, and hugs to those dealing with the tragedy in our surrounding communities.

Please click below to see a few of our featured stories.


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Community Outreach: Portfolio


I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING, AND SUICIDE believes in collaborating and partnering with organizations to enable our communities to receive the proper help to meet their needs.  Diamond Ministries is one of our long-standing outreach partnerships that has lasted over ten years.  The sole purpose of both of our organizations is to serve our community and meet the needs of any community needing clothing, food, or any other aid we can provide.   Both organizations have a combined community service outreach experience totaling over 20 years.  Together they have serviced over 1,000 families annually, including our work during the Covid Pandemic.  We have listed pictures below of the many outreach programs I AM INVISIBLE AND Diamond Ministry worked together on throughout the years, including our Summer 2022 Youth Culinary Class.

Our latest community service, The Food/Clothing Pantry Resource Center, please review the below flyer that lists the days of operation, location, and times our site will be open for our communities.

Community Outreach: About Us
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Community Outreach: Portfolio

Community Outreach  Project:  Bags To Mats Project 2023

Our youth has started a project to help our homeless friends.  Please view our video below and click the link to see our write-up concerning our project on our Youth Task Force Page.  To show you how easy it is to do this, we have provided a link showing the process needed to complete a mat.

If you or any youth or organization would like to participate in this community project, please use the contact us button to connect with us.  Just let us know your name and put that you are interested in the Bags To Mats Community Project, and we will get back to you!  

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Community Outreach: Video

Crocheting  In Action

Bags To Mat

Renita Garrett served as our crocheting instructor for today!  Teens and adults worked together to make the mats for our homeless friends.  What a fun day!

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Community Outreach: Video

"Night To Shine" Tim Tebow Foundation 2023

I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE partnered with the Hillsdale Baptist Church for the "Night To Shine 2023

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Community Outreach: Portfolio
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