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Announcing Our New "Real Talk Podcast"

2023 New Program Alert 

Real Talk/Podcast

These shows speak to teens on their level, with hosts who can empathize, tools and advice for getting through some of the most challenging years, and topics that help them feel seen and understood. In our podcast program, with parental written consent, the youth can share with the audience the struggles and issues they experience as youth in the schools/communities. Or perhaps they may share a story of someone being bullied  (it doesn't have to be their story). This podcast gives the students a "voice" and brings community awareness.    Our program will let others know it's okay to seek help and know they are not alone. We will record the podcast using only their voices;  we will not disclose their names,  school names, or locations.   (A parent must sign permission for their child to participate in this program). Our podcast program is voluntary only.

The podcast will always be under adult supervision and edited before our posing on our website.

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Teens Helping Teens

According to this article, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of podcasts out there designed for teens and many even produced by teens, but let's look at just a few which discuss the subject of mental health issues. Many are hosted by sufferers who want to share their experiences with the world and more importantly, make others feel less alone.

Youth Radio, the premier podcast site not only for teens but by teens, provides relevant information from a teen's point of view on a variety of mental health topics. Teens discuss their real-life struggles with mental health, wellness, social media and its impact on mental health, stress and how to manage it, and resources for those in need.

Podcast: Welcome

Meet Raegan Reynolds

Meet Raegan Reynolds, a sophomore at MCHS in Clarksville, TN, who serves on several platforms.  Although this young lady is an artist that loves to create, she has many forms in which she uses her creativity to help others.  Her latest project is the "BEE KIND"  buttons she has personally drawn to spread the message of kindness throughout our schools and community!  Listen to her interview as she explains what the buttons mean to her! Raegan is now a consultant for our new "Real Talk Podcast," where our team of volunteers, mentors, and parents will work with youth to engage in a "real conversation" concerning issues they are battling today! We will have fun and get to know each other!  Stay tuned!

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Podcast: Video
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