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"I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE" was founded in 2016 and attained nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in 2018. Our core mission revolves around aiding youth and young adults with challenges related to bullying, suicide, and diverse mental health issues.  Our team was established to forge a community for individuals confronting similar struggles, rooted in the fundamental belief that no one should endure isolation. Although life's journey is personal, it needn't be solitary. Our resolute commitment is to offer a secure space for sharing, attentive listening, knowledge exchange, and mutual support.

At I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE, our dedication to nurturing youth extends beyond a single event. We've brought positive change to KY, GA, and TN  through impactful workshops and community events. These efforts reflect our unwavering commitment to addressing critical youth issues, offering safe spaces for dialogue and learning. We empower children to share, connect, and grow emotionally.  From creativity-boosting workshops to inclusive community gatherings, we've fostered a supportive environment for youth. 

To learn more, kindly explore our team and programs and access program details by clicking below.

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We're dedicated to engaging youth in diverse programs that cultivate a sense of "visibility" and empower them to express themselves within our communities. Our core belief is that each person possesses a unique "VOICE," we firmly uphold the principle that every individual is inherently "SOMEBODY." Our commitment to inclusivity is resolute; we do not discriminate based on disabilities, gender, ethnicity, economic standing, beliefs, or religious affiliations.

If you're seeking more details on involving your youth, volunteering, or contributing to our cause, please contact us using the links below.

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I'm Invisible Short-Film 

The I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE Short-Film gained recognition at the 2016 SEAS Awards in Tunica, MS. Co-written by Executive Director Sharon Kaye Edwards and Professor Seymour Hagans of Lane College, the film starred students from CMCSS in Clarksville, TN. It has been used as a training tool in the school system for staff and the transportation department to raise awareness about bullying and suicide. The organization has partnered with mental health entities to spread community awareness about these issues. For more details, click below.

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Above this section, you'll find a video featuring Lauren Edwards, a former member of I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE, during her high school years. She underwent a transformative journey, grappling with feelings of not fitting in. Nevertheless, she bravely participated as a model in our inaugural "BE YOU TALENT FASHION SHOW" and left her mark in our short film "I'm Invisible."

Today, we invite you to watch her recent interview, where she reflects on the past four years and provides insights into her ongoing life journey. This interview offers a glimpse into her growth and the person she has become, highlighting the enduring impact of our collective efforts.

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Youth and Young Adults Community Outreach

Step into the inspiring world of community engagement as our youth and young adults take center stage in making a difference. Through dedicated efforts, they are actively involved in impactful community outreach initiatives that resonate with our mission of positive change. From lending a helping hand to creating meaningful connections, their actions reflect a shared commitment to creating a better tomorrow.

Join us in celebrating the energy, passion, and dedication that our youth and young adults bring to these community outreach endeavors. Experience firsthand the transformative power of their actions as they contribute to building a stronger, more compassionate society. We stand united in making a positive impact that ripples through our communities and beyond.

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Meet Raegan Reynolds

Meet Raegan Reynolds, a versatile performer across various platforms. Beyond her artistic identity and deep creative passion, Raegan employs her ingenuity to enrich the well-being of others in diverse ways, transcending her artistic pursuits.

Her recent "BEE KIND" buttons project embodies Raegan's dedication to fostering positivity. Crafted with her artistic flair, each button uniquely embodies her creative spirit while promoting kindness in schools and the community. Raegan's unwavering commitment reflects her drive to cultivate empathy and goodwill.

Kindly spare a moment to watch her elucidate the purpose of her button alongside Mrs. Edwards.

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