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Meet Our Executive Director

With a career spanning over four decades, Sharon Kaye Edwards is a devoted advocate for emotional well-being, creative expression, and mental health support. In 2016, she achieved certification as a QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) instructor, showcasing her commitment to imparting suicide awareness education. Her academic journey at Fisk University in 2020 resulted in an outstanding 3.94 GPA and induction into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Concurrently, she prioritized professional growth and obtained certification as a public innovator through the Harwood Institute in 2022.
Poised for ongoing impact, Sharon plans to enroll in APSU's Sociology Community Development program in Clarksville, Tennessee, in Spring 2024. Her story epitomizes a seamless integration of academic excellence, professional development, and an unwavering dedication to community well-being.

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"Emerging from Shadows: A Journey to Visibility and Strength"

At seven, I lost my 19-year-old brother, leading to daily tears and a feeling of invisibility. Bullying at nine intensified this, but in my early thirties, I found healing spiritually and mentally. Sharing my story in "It's My Hair! Magazine" in 2012, I now inspire others, emphasizing that they can emerge from the shadows and find strength. Today, with a smile on my face, I proudly declare – I AM VISIBLE!

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"Sharon Edwards: Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Trailblazer in Social Causes"

Sharon Edwards, the renowned entrepreneur behind L & S ELEGANT WEDDINGS and SKE Publishing, has recently been honored as a Trailblazer at the Best in Black Gala. Recognized for her role in the 2022 Culinary Program, she received a Certificate of Appreciation from Councilman Duan Little. The BLK Excellence Award Gala has also designated her as a Legacy Honoree, highlighting her significant contributions to social causes, culinary arts, and community leadership. Sharon Edwards continues to leave a lasting legacy of excellence across various fields.

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Sharon Edwards: Empowering Minds and Inspiring Change through Dynamic Public Speaking"

Leveraging her influential platform in public speaking, Sharon adeptly addresses a spectrum of crucial subjects, including bullying, empowerment, leadership, and suicide awareness. She engages audiences across various settings with a compelling presence, extending her impactful outreach to youth, communities, churches, schools, and esteemed institutions such as APSU and Vanderbilt University.

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"Sharon Edwards: Making Waves on Television and in Newspapers for Positive Impact"

Sharon Edwards has become a prominent figure, capturing attention through television magazines, newspapers for her impactful endeavors. Whether through inspiring community initiatives or contributing to noteworthy causes, Sharon's positive influence has taken center stage. Her commitment to making a difference echo across various media channels, showcasing her dedication to creating positive change. As her story unfolds on television and in newspapers, Sharon's journey exemplifies the power of individual actions to inspire and uplift communities.

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