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“From Advocacy to Action: Sharon Kaye Edwards’ Journey”

At the tender age of seven, Sharon Kaye Edwards lost her brother, leading to depression and bullying. Teased for her curly hair, she developed an eating disorder. Despite these challenges, Sharon’s resilience and dedication to emotional well-being and mental health support define her life’s work.

Sharon Kaye Edwards has dedicated over 40 years to advocating for emotional well-being, creative expression, and mental health support. She attended Fisk University, maintaining a 3.94 GPA and was inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. She is now studying Sociology at Austin Peay State University. Recently, she was featured for her community service in the APSU College of Behavioral and Health Services Spring Newsletter 2024 edition. A link to the story has been provided below.

Her certifications include Public Innovator, QPR Instructor, and Youth Mental Health First Aid. As an entrepreneur, she owns L & S Elegant Weddings and Occasion Designers  (, and SKE Publishing. Sharon has published three books, co-written a short film, and contributed to The Harwood Research Team in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Sharon Kaye Edwards: Leading Voices in Empowerment and Awareness”  

Sharon Kaye Edwards’ unwavering dedication to fostering positive change is consistently highlighted across various media channels, showcasing her remarkable ability to inspire and uplift communities.


As a distinguished public speaker, Sharon addresses critical topics such as bullying, empowerment, leadership, and suicide awareness. She engages with diverse audiences, extending her outreach to youth, communities, churches, schools, and esteemed institutions like Austin Peay State University (APSU) and Vanderbilt University.

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