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Holidaze Community Festival 2023

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Meet Artist Joseph Love

Upcoming Art Workshops

We proudly announce our partnership with renowned Nashville artist Joseph Love, known for his diverse talents showcased through extensive travel and an impressive portfolio. Our collaboration aims to support youth facing mental health challenges uniquely. Mr. Love will employ his pen and brush to inspire and uplift, offering a potent outlet for self-expression and healing.

Aligned with our youth empowerment commitment, AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE will soon launch classes. These safe spaces will nurture artistic growth, fostering personal discovery.

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Therapeutic Art Workshop 2023

Art therapy's comfort in conveying complexity is vital for therapists working with kids and teens. Art is a comfortable communication channel, a vital skill for mental well-being.

Source: Art's Role in Mental Health for Kids and Teens

Embark on a Transformative Art Journey with Coach Cella

Discover Inner Light: Navigate Inner Turmoil with Intentional Creativity Coach Cella. Explore your Guiding Light—a source of solace. This class welcomes all ages, no artistic skill is required—reflection over perfection. Through therapeutic art, navigate emotional currents, and conquer challenges.

More enriching classes await.  Dive into emotions, emerge clear. Enroll now for self-discovery and empowerment.

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The Invisible Art Team had an opportunity at APSU with renowned artist Amy Sherald, known for her portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama. They showcased their art, leaving an impression.

As a gesture of appreciation, they gifted her their Executive Director's book, "The Girl Who Felt Invisible." This book embodies visibility and self-expression themes, featuring a drawing by 14-year-old Emmanuel on the back cover. Emmanuel's art adds a unique touch, highlighting their commitment to impactful art.

This interaction marked a significant point for the Invisible Art Team, validating their creativity and driving them to craft more impactful and thought-provoking art.

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Partnership Art Program

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