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In 2016 SKE PUBLISHING was founded by Mrs. Edwards; she then began using her writing skills; despite having dyslexia, she published three books dealing with bullying and suicide, self-esteem, and self-worth; one of her books was co-authored by school staff, therapists, and school counselors and is presently being sold on Amazon. SKE PUBLISHING continued its work, providing curriculums, plays, short stories, films, and more dealing with the many issues our youth face in the 21st Century. Mrs. Edwards felt the need to do more for the community; she remembered the bullying she experienced as a child. In 2018, nonprofit organization 501(c)3  I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE, a nonprofit organization 501(c)3, was formed to collaborate with SKE PUBLISHING to help spread awareness about bullying and suicide community-wide.

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The Girl Who Felt Invisible





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Are Assembly Programs Helpful?

Since schools know that bullying and cyberbullying is a problem on their campus and want to do something about it, scheduling an assembly is often the very first idea that comes to their mind. It makes sense, because they seem to be an easy-to-implement solution. Typically, a school has a budget, they find a speaker (or just have one of their staff members do it), they schedule the day and time, and they bring that person in to do his/her thing in the auditorium, gymnasium, or cafeteria. This takes much less time and effort than all that is needed to make a true difference. But at least it is something.

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Words of Support

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Rebecca Edwards, M. Ed, English Teacher at Rossview Middle School, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

“Thank you, Sharon, for shedding light onto the darkness of bullying. Having taught for twenty years, I have observed bullying evolve into the horrible beast that it is. At one time, students could find peace out of school from their bullies. But, now with technology, they can’t escape it. The consequences have escalated to the fullest. Hopefully, your book will educate people on the importance of identifying and stopping bullying”.

Author Dave Sanderson International Speaker, Trainer, “Survivor of Flight #1549 Miracle on the Hudson

Thanks, Sharon, for your support of the Red Cross, and keep up the good work on educating on bullying and suicide prevention!

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SKE School Assembly Programs

School Assembly Programs




 Be You!

 Behind The Mask

 Facing The Obstacles

 I'm Invisible

 Who Got Your Back?

(In-School or Virtual Presentations)

​These are not just your typical, traditional anti-bullying and self-esteem assemblies. Instead, these assembly presentations are packed with adult-to-youth interactions, conversations, thought-provoking songs, and demonstrations that encourage and compel students to do the right thing when interacting with peers by showing kindness and respect towards each other. In addition, the assemblies create and promote an environment conducive to being accepted and embracing individuality and diversity.

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Dr. Marlon Heaston Principal Kenwood Middle School


In one of the schools they serviced, Kenwood Middle School, Dr. Marlon Heaston, the principal at that time, said he and the other teachers saw the program's value and impact on the students. As a result, Kenwood Middle hired SKE PUBLISHING for their school's anti-bullying and empowerment programs. SKE PUBLISHING serviced the school with two in-person and one virtual assembly program for three school terms. In addition, Sharon and her husband were hired at Kenwood Middle to teach Art, Book Writing, and Photography for their Kenwood Middle After-School Program under the direction of Dr. Edwina Carr.

"Today, we finished our Anti-Bullying program with 6th grade—7th and 8th graders who participated in their Anti-Bullying program last Friday.  Please continue to talk with your student about being a “buddy and not a bully.” Special thanks to Sharon Edwards and Julia Boyd for organizing this event."

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Virtual  Assemblies & Afterschool  Classes

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Our brand-new program consists of all virtual empowerment classes given through the power of videos and live classroom interaction with the children through live streaming or zoom, or your group's social media platform.  We will conduct 30-45  minutes of empowerment classes about bullying, self-esteem, and additional subjects to continue to bring empowerment, knowledge, and fun to our students through these new program options.

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YMCA Afterschool Programs

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