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In 2016, guided by Mrs. Edwards, SKE PUBLISHING began despite her dyslexia. She authored three impactful books on bullying, suicide, self-esteem, and self-worth, one being a collaborative effort available on Amazon. Undeterred, SKE PUBLISHING expanded to include curriculums, theatrical productions, stories, and films, addressing youth's 21st Century challenges. Driven by childhood bullying experiences, Mrs. Edwards sought community contribution.

In 2018, "I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE" registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, collaborating with SKE PUBLISHING to raise awareness of bullying and suicide, resonating deeply within the community.

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The Girl Who Felt Invisible





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Words of Support

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Rebecca Edwards, M. Ed, English Teacher at Rossview Middle School, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

“Thank you, Sharon, for shedding light onto the darkness of bullying. Having taught for twenty years, I have observed bullying evolve into the horrible beast that it is. At one time, students could find peace out of school from their bullies. But, now with technology, they can’t escape it. The consequences have escalated to the fullest. Hopefully, your book will educate people on the importance of identifying and stopping bullying”.

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Title: Empowering School Communities: SKÈ Publishing's Holistic Assembly Programs for Lasting Transformation

Executive Summary:

In response to the prevalent challenges of bullying and cyberbullying within educational institutions, schools often turn to organizing assemblies as a proactive measure. This report delves into the strategic implementation of professional assembly programs designed to address bullying prevention effectively and promote self-esteem among kindergarten to grade 12 students.


The initiative involves a systematic approach, encompassing budget allocation, speaker identification (potentially internal staff), meticulous scheduling, and hosting events in school venues such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, or cafeterias.

Impact and Outcome:

With their transformative and engaging nature, these meticulously crafted assembly programs aim to redefine anti-bullying and self-esteem efforts within schools. By cultivating an inclusive, harmonious environment, they contribute to the holistic development of students, fostering a culture of kindness and respect.

Conclusion: Incorporating these programs into the school's approach addresses immediate concerns and promotes a lasting impact on the school culture. By prioritizing empathy, diversity, and positive leadership, educational institutions can create an environment conducive to the overall well-being and development of their students. Clips from these impactful programs are available for exploration below.

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Dr. Marlon Heaston, Principal Kenwood Middle School 

Clarksville, TN

SKE PUBLISHING left a mark at Kenwood Middle School, praised by then-principal Dr. Marlon Heaston. They led anti-bullying and empowerment initiatives, conducting transformative assemblies in various formats over three terms.  Their impact was evident in Dr. Heaston's words, "Today, we finished our Anti-Bullying program... Please continue to talk with your student about being a 'buddy and not a bully.' Special thanks to Sharon Edwards and Julia Boyd for organizing this event." SKE PUBLISHING's legacy fosters empathy and empowerment.

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School Assembly Videos

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SKE Publishing/School Programs: Video
SKE Publishing/School Programs: Video

Virtual  Assemblies & Afterschool  Classes

Sharon and her husband joined the After-School Program, teaching Art, Book Writing, and Photography under Dr. Edwina Carr's guidance.

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Our innovative program offers virtual empowerment classes delivered via engaging videos and interactive live sessions. Children will have the opportunity to connect with us through live streaming on platforms like Zoom or our group's social media platform. These sessions, lasting 30 to 45 minutes, will cover essential topics such as bullying, self-esteem, and more. Our goal is to provide empowerment, knowledge, and enjoyment to our students through these exciting new program choices.

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YMCA Afterschool Programs

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SKE Publishing/School Programs: Portfolio
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